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Hello Gorgeous, nice to meet you!

— About Lisa

I help Gorgeous Beings eliminate resistance and get out their own way so that they can claim their Brilliance and Live vibrantly ALIVE.

Lisa Grunden
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Living Juicy life coach Lisa Grunden ignites the spark within you going beyond all that you ever thought you were, could be or would have into the delicious, magical energetic space of the you you truly be. So instead of spending years clearing blocks, clearing resistance and past life stuff – you can actualize the energies, the capacities, the knowingness of the Magical You.

She has a crazy ability to see exactly what is holding you back and facilitates you into that space of having the capacity to move beyond limitations, distractions, dis-ease, resistance into the being, that having, the receiving all of that and more.
Living an average life is no longer fulfilling or inspiring. It is the equivalent of a low-grade suck – you’re used to it, you think you’re happy and yet there is something… you think about in the middle of the night, dream about as you go about your day. You know you are capable of receiving and giving so much more.
Lisa, cosmic catalyst life coach, offers a unique flavor of empowerment. Rather than going through a process to prove you are enough, are more than worthy, she gets to the heart of the matter and creates the space where you are able to receive, accept, be so that you create for yourself a life greater than you ever imagined.
She shows you how to have more magic in your life, change your life in ways that are simple, easy and fun!!

Lisa Grunden


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