Financially Successful Women in Abusive Relationships

Physical, emotional, and verbal abuse is not specific to poverty or middle class. Unspoken conversations and unspoken agreements that have to be kept quiet. That’s just a crock of sh*T. Do what it takes for you, for your kids, for your safety. It won’t always be easy, however, when you whether the storm, the benefits really pay off. Emotional abuse is not you or your…

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UYL Podcast Ep. 2 -Sex Transmutation

Sex. Power. Wealth. Commanding the Room. James Bond commands this – Ladies, so do we. Embrace your femininity, your charisma and potency. Be out there, authentically you and owning, not just claiming it, Owning Your Power. No one else can speak for you or do it for you. UnF%$K the “Bullsh*t RULES”. Now, that’s power. Sex. Power. Wealth. Commanding the Room. James Bond commands this…

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UYL Podcast T – UnF%$King Your Life is FREEDOM.

UnF%$King Your Life is Freedom.   The Freedom to be YOU, to create that which is inside you, go after any level of education you choose, go after the job/career you want.  UnF%$King Your Life is going beyond the need for validation.  Let’s inspire one another and create a movement for change empowering women to find balance and breakthrough the next level of the glass ceiling. 

YSA Podcast – Interview with Michelle Robbe’

[00:00:00] Lisa Grunden: Hi, welcome to your second act. I am your host, Lisa. Grunden the fun at crazy redhead. Yes. I talk really fast. I get really excited because this is your life. And we’re talking about here, whether it’s sex or career or money or whatever else, we’re going to cover it here. Are you ready? Let’s get started. Hello, everybody. Thanks for…

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