Inspiring Workspaces for Extraordinary People to Sure Fired Success

YSA Podcast – Inspiring Work Spaces of Extraordinary to Sure Fired Success

[00:00:00] Hey everybody. Thanks for tuning in to yet another episode of your second act. And today we are talking about inspiring workplaces of extraordinary people, inspiring workspaces of extraordinary people, because you. Are extraordinary, whether you have acknowledged it or not. And just to remind you, every month we host Irresistible You Bootcamp, and you can find that link at

That’s your second act with all about your irresistibility Irresistible You Bootcamp, because you know, part of that. Is the engagement of the census? And so we’re talking about work spaces today. We’re talking about where you create, where you cultivate, where you work, where you rest, where you play, and I’m in a workplace.

[00:01:00] Environment, whether you’re working from home, you’re working in an office is that it has to be inviting to you, whether you have a cubicle, whether you’re just at a desk, whether you’ve got a corner office, a penthouse suite, whatever it is, it has to have some characteristics, some components of you, something to identify with it as uniquely you, because this.

Is your space. And even if you’re sharing a work space with someone else, it happens from time to time. There are some things that you contribute and there are some things that they contribute and it can all coexist together. It really, really, really, really can. Are you willing, willing, willing, willing to take a risk in your work?

The work that you’re doing, whether you’re, you’ve got to create a flare, you’re an artist, you’re a painter, you’re a sculptor, whatever that is. You’re an entrepreneur. You are building your own business, right? Whether you’re teaching people, you’re a coach teaching [00:02:00] people on new skills for a life coach for business coaching.

If you’re teaching tech skills, if you’re building various platforms, you know, whatever it is, whatever you are creating and even in, if you’re working a regular job, Are you willing to take risks, put yourself out there to think of something different to offer up suggestions, to take on more challenges, more responsibilities, and not just because you think you have to, it’s something that you feel called to do because we’re not enforcing any old archetypes of people, pleaser or child or victim or any of that kind of stuff.

What we are doing is branching out into that new space.

Because our bodies like to continue to learn, we’d like to continue to experience. We’d love to have experiences, whether those are through work or through play or through friendships or through books that were we travel that we do whatever it is. We’d like [00:03:00] to experience that new adventure. That’s the juice.

That’s the, that’s the joy. That’s that? That’s the. Bark the catalyst that ignites the passion. And it’s not that we have to be passionate and exorbitant every single second of every single day. However, those key components entered into that. And so think about your workspace. What can you add something that you see?

Is there a, a poem that you like, or I know in a lot of, Corporate environments. There’s always those quotes about success. If that, if that rings true for you, that’s great. If there’s a different quote that rings true for you, that’s even better use it. Whatever works for you. This is not about making it look good for somebody else.

I used to do that. I did. I know it’s shocking. Right. But you know, 20 years ago, that’s how I lived my life. I was doing extra things so that people could see that I really was a value. I had to prove myself all the time is what I thought [00:04:00] I was that consummate people pleaser. And then one day it’s kind of like, you know, when I needed help, everybody was gone.

Nobody was there because I was the person that did things for everybody. And I mean, I was done. And now it’s 27 bucks to my name. And it goes back to absolutely. Do we help other people? Yes. And absolutely you do that by helping yourself first, just like in an and an airplane when the oxygen masks fall, but I’ve never been in an airplane where that actually happened.

Thank goodness that you put on your mask before helping other people, because you’ve got to be able to breathe. You’ve got to be able to think you’ve got to feel comfortable. You’ve got to feel energized, get to feel interest, curiosity. Hmm. Passion five viciousness, serendipity magic. Magic [00:05:00] is a word that you’re going to hear a lot of in this podcast.

On your second act. It’s all about magic because even if you’ve been living your life up to this point for other people, so what, it doesn’t matter what you do from this moment on. And if you catch yourself, and doing it differently again. So what it’s not about being wrong, this is all about bringing that energized spirit in and the easiest way to start that is where are you your workspace at home, your workspace in the office, where you relax at home or anywhere else it’s about adding you into these spaces, the things that make you shine, the things that make you smile, the things that make you tick.

I have surrounded myself with books. There are several rooms. Let’s see probably five different rooms in this house have bookcases where they have magazines that I enjoy reading, whether they’re [00:06:00] books. And one day I might get around to actually reading all of them. In the meantime, I’d take one. I read it and I finished.

I put it back, grab something different. Hmm. What am I going to be today? It’s like yesterday, it was like, you know what? I’d like to read some fiction, some fun fiction. Today, I’m back to, okay. Here’s another book for me to learn from, for me to grow from, for me to get ideas for, for a podcast, for a class, whatever it is.

I burned cinnamon. I melt cinnamon. I burned cinnamon. I used to have a tiny little Crock-Pot and I have cinnamon going a lot of, you know, that the story of that is because I got this lovely little, work container sort of. That I put papers in exactly a file cabinet. However, it’s just big enough to put notebooks and like to keep track of my stuff, because my stuff is everywhere otherwise.

And it was so fabulous and I loved it. I got home and I’m like, Hmm, what is that smell? And I asked my husband, I’m like, I don’t get it. Well, what is the smell? [00:07:00] And he goes, Hmm. Kind of smells like it. Wasn’t a chicken coop. Well, this didn’t contribute to the being this of my workspace. This is not contributing to being inspiring for something extraordinary because you gorgeous being are extraordinary.

And I’m like, man, I cannot work with this. And so there was a whole bunch of bleach on it. There’s a whole bunch of vinegar on it. And the thing would still kind of have that little aroma. And I was talking to somebody and she’s like, you know, if you use cloves and cinnamon, she was talking about essential oils and I’m like, wow, I have clothes in the cupboard.

And I have cinnamon in the cupboard. I’ve got a crack pot time to let the magic happen in my workspace and all my goodness. It’s so inviting. I pick up the bullet clubs and I just have my. Fingers kind of go through it. Then the smell even goes on my fingers and the cinnamon is just, you know, it’s, it’s not quite boiling.

It doesn’t do that in a crock pot. However, I asked her it, add a little more cinnamon. I keep adding hot water and it’s just like, wow, this is such a [00:08:00] great thing that I can do. And Kentucky contributes to my passion. Work and live your passion. Okay. The things that you can see, smell, taste, touch, what, you know, absolutely engage your five senses, bring it all in.

Yes. All have some more of that. Absolutely. And in those inspiring workspaces of extraordinary people, something else happens is that you cultivate your create connections, connections with people, connections, with projects, connections, with ideas, connections, with thoughts, whatever it is, you know, maybe you want to write a book, draw.

Create our draw pictures, you know, whatever it is, create a class. Maybe you just want, not just, maybe you’re hanging out with more extraordinary people. Maybe there’s a sewing circle. Maybe there’s a, whatever [00:09:00] I tell you, whatever you geek out about there. Other people who like to geek out about it, I need to, that you create that you create those connections.

It brings more inspiration because then you bring in some of that in. To your workspace as well. You’re bringing that in to your place where you relax, where you have fun, where you sleep, you’re bringing all of that in that those inspirations, those connections, because even those. Of us who are introverts, still cultivate connection.

Nobody’s an extreme introvert is what he would call himself. However, you know what he reaches out all of the time. He does it differently than I do. We all have extrovert and introvert tendencies and we make it fun and we make it inspiring. So what more can you add? Is there a picture that you can post up?

Is there just a quote? Do you [00:10:00] write the word dream? Do you write the word adventure? Do you write the word discovery? Curiosity. How can I get, Oh, so curious about something today? Ask questions, curiouser and curiouser. Remember where that’s from? Alison Wonderland, curiouser and curiouser. Hm. What can I be curious about today?

What can I expand today? What else can I add to my space today? What can I remove? Because there’s probably some things that don’t inspire you anymore several years ago, probably about. maybe seven or eight years ago now I helped. I was at my mom’s while I was transitioning from Denver to Dubai.

When I was in the in-between stage, I did it. I didn’t have a place in Dubai yet. And so I had about six weeks or so. So I stayed with my mom and my dad and their house was just so full of stuff. You know, we’d moved for so many years cause my dad was in the military [00:11:00] and then they’d been in this house since 1984 and they had just started creating and collecting a whole bunch of stuff.

And my dad said that he never wanted the basement. Because it was just the place to accumulate junk. And, and it was, and I said to my mom, I said, I’m here. And I’d like to make myself useful and don’t just want to hang out. What would you like? And she goes, no, Lisa, I just really need some help purging my space.

Because she’s an extraordinary woman. She got too much stuff. And so I’ve worked with her perching her space, and this is how we started, fortunately the churches she belongs to was having their great, big, huge, garage sale that would do a garage sale every single year. So my mom had some pretty fabulous stuff and she would willingly gifted to the church.

He wasn’t ready to give it away to anyone asks you, well, they only gifted it to the church so that they can make money off of that. And so there was a lot of stuff that I was totalling over there. And so as we started the process of going, you know, there’s the process of keep, I don’t know, throw away, keep, [00:12:00] give, throw away.

And, but I don’t know, pile pretty much either winds up in keep or get rid of. So as we went through her stuff, she was started telling me the stories of who had given it to her. And I listened to her and I said, that’s great. And I said, does it bring you joy? Where do you want to put it? And she goes, you know, I’ve had all these years, I really am ready to give it to someone else.

It’s like, wow, great, fabulous. We’d give it away, give it to the church. They can sell it. And so these are the questions that you’re asking yourself and we managed to perch so much corrupt. And then came the very best moment when we found a box of her precious treasures from Germany, that was still in the original box, from the move from Germany.

And we had left Germany in 1980 and she moved into this house in 1984. She lived in an apartment, two places in the meantime to a [00:13:00] townhouse in Duluth, Minnesota, and apartment as a part of Wisconsin. And then she had a house. And, so those have been a box and they were her treasures. They weren’t, they weren’t, China, but Husam crystal that she had purchased somewhere, somewhere in Europe and, heads that she had purchased somewhere in Europe.

And since so much stuff had been removed from her space, she had room to use. These things, because there’s something really magical that happens as we get older and we don’t have little kids around anymore. Is that that special? Those special dishes, those special silverware, that special, whatever becomes the everyday stuff, because it’s the bringing the extraordinary, this sensational into your life.

Those things that are inspiring that you love, because let me tell you a piece of pizza tastes a lot better on China than a does standing over the kitchen sink. It just does. It just tastes better. If that [00:14:00] is what you like. If that is what you like. And abso-freaking-lutely use that China to eat that pizza.

If you want to drink out of a crystal piece of crystal, do that. If you like to drink out of a plastic tumbler, do that. Whatever is inspiring to you. Okay. There’s no rightness, no wrongness of this. I like dishes that are bright and they don’t have to match. And it brings me joy to see them in the cupboard because my cupboard has glass, friends on it, so I can see in.

I’ve arranged all of the dishes so that I get to see that color. Cause that’s what is inspiring to me. What is inspiring to you because that, that is the secret sauce. That is the fun. That’s the inspiring for you, your extraordinary person. And that’s where the magic happens. That’s where the fun happens.

That’s where the passion is uncovered. That’s when you get in the [00:15:00] zone, that’s when miracles seemed to happen. That’s when those overnight successes just keep rising. That has the juice. Surround yourself with what you love, use what you love. Don’t save it for company. Don’t save it for this. Don’t save it for that.

Enjoy it, enjoy it. Have around you in your workspace, in your place space, in your arrest base, things that you like, things that you love, things that bring you joy. That excites you, that ignite your passion and any, and all of that, because that is where the fun is. That’s where the changes happen in your life.

That’s where those serendipitous moments just keep happening. Having those inspiring workplaces. I think I shared this once before that. When I had my job in corporates, I, started making the cubicle mine. I would have inspirational [00:16:00] quotes up. I had all kinds of different artwork that I had drawn that I had found just magazine pictures.

I mean, I had my cubicle just decorated the Hills and then came to the beautiful moment when I switched to a chair to an exercise ball. And of course me being me and just cause any exercise ball, I got this yellow shiatsu. Exercise ball that I sat on. So it looked like a yellow porcupine fish and, people would make all kinds of comments.

Lots of people come and said, everybody came to my cube. And then for me, it gave me juice for other people. It gave them a bit of excitement and other people started adding more things to their cube that they didn’t have before. You are the one who inspires the masses. You’re the one who inspired yourself, whatever it is, black and white, pink, red, orange, whatever it is, something funky that you look at something fuzzy that you get to touch something you get to throw up and down in the air, whatever it [00:17:00] is, uniquely joyously, exciting to you.

Use it. Do it. Live it be willing to take risks, be willing to stand out, learn new skills for your craft, cultivate, create connection. And so round yourself with what you love, because what you love loves you back, what you love, loves you back. That’s how it works. So till next time, Check out Irresistible You Bootcamp at

Have fun. Let’s experience this there’s no cost three days and we’ll have fun and the magic will unfold until next time sparkle on. Hmm. Bye-bye. 

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