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Hi everybody. It’s Lisa Grunden. Welcome to yet another episode of Unf#$k Your Life. This is the podcast ladies where you write about it. We talk about it and I have been getting a lot of calls about weight loss, a lot of calls about body confidence, [00:01:00] about body image, and I really wanted to take the next.

15 minutes or so to really address that. What’s going on, this, diet industry, this weight loss industry. Oh my God. There are so many products. you can own an entire gym and have it in your house and you can outfit it for anywhere between 500 bucks. And I’m guessing how many tens of thousands, depending upon how I end you get with your equipment.

And then there’s all this. Supplements. There’re all of the drinks, there’s the coffees and the Cocos and the food and the Quito versus, add kinds versus you name it. I’m not even sure. What is that? The top one these days, because they don’t give my attention to that anymore. Cause my attention more.

So goes to your body. And when people talk about weight loss, what they’re really talking about is that they can’t do it. They’re really talking about the lack they’re coming [00:02:00] from. The, I can’t do it place. Nothing ever works for me or works very long for me. And I want to ask you guys, how’s that working?

How’s that work in where, our bodies are the bad guy and we talk about other people while we’re eating fudge or brownies or something like that. And we’re always talking about how we can. Have a buy that we wanted so hard to die. Do you get that? It’s come on now. no wonder it’s not working this my Calgon take me away moment.

back in the seventies, there was a really famous commercial that when the lady, when the world was just too much for her, she was like, Calgon, take me away. She’s pulling at her hair and your face is wrenched up and Oh my God, let’s just. Fricking stop talking about weight loss. Let’s just stop talking about our bodies as if they were the enemy, the bad guy as if they can’t do anything.

Because you know what, 100% your body’s got your back, your subconscious, your body’s got your back. you’re still alive, right? You still got a body. Fairly healthy. You still have a body that you can [00:03:00] still use. And even if there’s some things that are going wrong, maybe you’ve got hypertension or high blood pressure or diabetes or something else that is seemingly body related, seemingly diet related.

And really what it all is it’s all a tweak and you it’s all a tweak in your attitude. It’s a tweak in your attitude, a tweak in your attitude. You need to have. Some Sassitude that’s right. I said, Sassitude, quit looking at the lack of food and get in touch with your sass attitude. That’s the part that I don’t care.

How many times I’ve done it. I can do this and this time it’s going to work because I am different this time as I am approaching. Okay. My body confidence, what my body does for me, what my body can do for me, what my daddy, how much I appreciate my body. Can you guys say that? I appreciate my body. I appreciate it.

My body, I appreciate my body. I appreciate my body. Lots of times when I have clients that I’m coaching, I have them repeat them. Freezes 10 times. And with that kind of energy and [00:04:00] enthusiasm with that kind of chutzpah with that kind of Sassitude it’s I can do this, I can only do this. I can only do this way.

I can only do this way. I could only do this. Stop fucking talking about your body as if it’s the enemy. Stop fucking talking about your weight as if you weigh 792 pounds. And even if you do weigh seven to 192 pounds, so the fuck what, you know what, this is your life. This is your body. Are you going to embrace it?

Or are you forever going to listen to, Oh, the things that are wrong? Oh, the things that are bad. Yeah. And all that kind of stuff. come on now. I was at a conference last week. I was part of the sales team and we had a kick ass seminar. We did the next one. Seminar. It was completely on fire AIG point and just had it rocked out.

And Doreen and Shelly and I were working and coaching all the people in the room and what people’s lives were transformed. They did things that they never thought that they could do before. And they were part of a. Community. [00:05:00] We put those people together. They bonded, they had shared experiences.

They all came through it together. And now 10 days later out of this conference, I’m seeing where people are like, Oh, I remember all those great things we did. And now I’m back at home and I’m depressed. Yeah, it looked at all those great things we did. And I look at my to-do list and I don’t know how to do it.

Your body isn’t any different, you get all fired up. We know when you buy the latest gadget. I know that I do. I did, as soon as I start the Zumba class, I’m not just starting to Zumba class. I’m already three months into a man. I, my body is tight. And, and then. Some of us, sometimes a lot of us, most of the time, just let that enthusiasm flow off because we’re not taking the time to create our sass attitude, Sassitude.

What is Sassitude? The Sassitude. [00:06:00] Is what you do every single day to get yourself riled up. Have you ever been to a professional sporting event that didn’t have the music, the fans, the cheerleaders, whoever to read the cloud, to excite the players, because the players feed off of that energy from the crowd.

Yes. It’s everything that coach says. It’s what the other team is doing. It’s what their teammates are doing and the energy of the crowd. Feeds them. And that’s what happened at seminars because there were so much of us with a shared experience. Our energy was fed and fed and we were over and overcooked and we were just, we were just marinating and all this wonderful.

Energy and excitement and enthusiasm. And then we go back to our house. The CFA Institute is what are you going to do every single day to get yourself riled up? What community are you going to join? What community are you going to start me? I have the Sassitude community, this assay teams, community.

Get set your solitude on fire. [00:07:00] Check out my Facebook page and it’s this morning thing. What I did at that conference, because we worked so much, I had three hours of sleep and it’s go. And we’re running 112% every fricking day. In the morning in the bathtub, because I love.

To take a bath. That’s one of my Sassitude things that I do for myself. I don’t quite take it every single day. You’d a time depending, however, bath as part of my Sassitude regimen. And so I would be going, yes. Yes. Because my body was just achy. My body was aching so badly. I had no idea how I was going to make it through the day, because the previous day we’d been out in the pouring rain, my body was frozen.

It still hadn’t warmed up as like why, blah, blah, blah, blah. All of this. Stories aching. yes. And I started really the acoustics in a bathroom, they really go. I was like, yes. And I felt my body coming alive. Responding that word.

Yes. Is a magic word. Yes. And uncovering your sass attitude. Yes. [00:08:00] yes. And then I would start heading some mantras, those mantras, those are those. Affirmations that you say, except their affirmations with Sassitude they’re affirmations with attitude, they are affirmations with energy and sass and chutzpah.

And I added to the yes. I have sexy bent jobs. I am powerful. I am confident. yes. Can you feel the energy building from this? I tell you with everything. The phrase that I uttered, every syllable that I sang my body became more alive, became more alert, became more excited.

yes. Every day. This is part of what you do for yourself to get yourself going. How do you get all of your. Your blood on fire in your heart, pumping and your head in the game and your heart in the game and your buddy in the game. And you go to the gym and work out or you stay home and you work out and you do your writing and you drink a lot of [00:09:00] water and you’re busy creating whether you’re an artist, a photographer, whether you’re going to your nine to five job, whether your job is, would you like fries with that?

Whatever you are doing, rocket. Kick ass at it. Don’t be content to be the chick on the sidelines, the wallflower that nobody else can see, even a quiet woman is a powerful woman with lots and lots of Sassitude. How do you get some Sassitude it’s what are you going to do every day for yourself? So how has your weight loss going to be different this year?

How is it going to be different in 2019, but it’s ever been, whether you’ve? Been on eight diets this year. That is the number of diets. A woman, the typical American woman goes on every single year. How much money are you going to invest in all of those extra plans that only work for a little bit of time and to getting yourself in the game, getting yourself in the game, getting your body in the game, getting your excitement, Developing your Sassitude [00:10:00] that’s right. I know. I keep repeating Sassitude because that’s how important it is. yes. Yes. My body is fit and strong. I am so healthy. My muscles are blue. Me. My skin is below wig. Yes. I know this sounds like you’re listening to some crazy chick on the radio, right?

are you going to be one of my crazy rebel friends? One of my crazy rebel friends who uses this attitude every single day, create videos. Photographs herself with her Sassitude for the morning. yes. Yes. I want to see your Sassitude posted on my Facebook page.

If you haven’t already subscribed subscribe to this podcast and Hey, I got a gift for all of you guys. Go to finally thin forever with lisa.com. That’s finally. Thin forever with lisa.com and get your copy of the hypnotic gastric band bypass surgery. Because if you’re [00:11:00] having a little trouble, get your body in the game with a habit, with the language of the hypnotic recording that I am giving you.

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Put your head up, stick your chest out. Suck in your gut. Take a deep breath. Phenomenal. Powerful. I want to hear you say it. I want to hear your shout and post them on my Facebook page. I can’t wait to see you there till next time. This is Lisa. Take care. Bye.

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