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YSA Podcast – Crystal Mischief Interview 

[00:00:00] Lisa Grunden: Hi, welcome to your second act. I am your host, Lisa. Grunden the fun at crazy redhead. Yes. I talk really fast. I get really excited because this is your life that we’re talking about here. Whether it’s sex or career or money or what ever else we’re going to cover it here. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Hey everybody. Thanks for tuning in to another episode of your second act. I’m Lisa, your host. And today we have such an exciting show for you. We have in the house the most amazing international burlesque. Teacher, she’s a performer. She’s an MC she’s an event manager. She really, really, really helps people get in touch, reconnect with their sparkle in case.

In fact, that’s the name of her company sparkle force and to unleash their sexy. It’s all about burlesque. 

We’re going to talk about [00:01:00] burlesque and invitation. To unleash your potency and Oh, by the way, she splits her time between the United States, New Zealand and Australia. You will be able to catch her in one of those places.

So without further ado, the magnificent, the marvelous, the truly amazing Crystal Mischief.

So glad to have you in there. Hi, how are you today? 

It’s delicious to be here. How’s your day going? 

You know what? My day is good. I’m pretty fabulously. I’m so excited. You agreed to be a guest on this show because from the time that I first met you, I’m like, wow, I got to get to know this woman a lot better.

She’s listen to her. Talk. As you listen to crystal, crystal speak, she has such a saucy sexy. I own it kind of vibe. 

Go ahead. Speak. Well, [00:02:00] I just had to follow that one up. 

The things that I think is the most amazing. Well, one of the most amazing things about burlesque is I first heard about it years and years and years, and at least two, maybe three decades ago.

And you know, I had. An opinion of what burlesque was and they were just strippers, you know, no big deal just to this. That’s what it was. And then I began to realize that there was just so much more to burlesque than just that. So can you please educate us let us know. 

Crystal Mischief: Wow. I first got involved in Bellis 10 years ago when I, I guess I was having my first midlife crisis.

Right. There you go. I’m like, how am I going to top this now? But, I got involved in and I came for the. To feel better about myself and I did. and then I stayed for the friendships and then our, my [00:03:00] world has just exploded since then and a massive glitter, a whole pile of glitter dust, but it is so the mechanics is stripping.

So burlesque is strumming and I proudly call myself a stripper because. A 44-year-old vet woman, or no, sorry, 45-year-old woman. Isn’t supposed to be traveling the world and making money and having a lot of fun, doing this sort of stuff. You know, that’s what the, the 20-year-old are supposed to do. And I’m like, whatever watch me.

Lisa Grunden: It’s easy when you’re 20 years old or your buys completely hard and toned to be a stripper. I’m really, I’m really interested in the conversations. The, you said you, you stayed with it for the friends and everything else, because now there is this true invitation to your, your sex, your sass, [00:04:00] your sexiness, your sass, your potency, and that’s really what a lot of our listeners are really, really interested in this rediscovery of their bodies.

Can you tell me a little bit about your journey with that? 

Crystal Mischief: So I, when I, if I look back now, on the relationship that I had with my body and myself, it was, it was an incredibly abusive relationship. And if I, I catch myself hearing, things that people say, you know, they’ll say something awful about themselves and I’m like, they used to pay me.

Lisa Grunden: yeah.

Crystal Mischief: Oh my gosh. And its just a, it’s a real, it’s a lightning bolt to me going and reminding me then the negative self-talk I used to have. whereas now I have a role and it’s every single day. Every single minute of the day. If I wouldn’t say that to my best friend, then I’m not saying it to myself.

, he gives a story. [00:05:00] It is just there. How liberal of self-kindness and self-compassion that people really struggle with to show themselves. I hated my body. I absolutely hated my body and it was showing up in every single sphere of my life. and my money flows and my relationships and my work life.

and just, and my, you know, my boss, I was ill all the time. And yeah. Now I’m in the best health like I’ve ever been in. money’s flowing. I lead this most magical, delicious life that is full of with these amazing, amazing beings. And I’m like, wow. As a kid, better than this, you know, it’s just an everyday.

Every day is like a magical day in my world. And I can just, they, you know, cruising around the house, you know, not [00:06:00] doing anything and fat pants and a t-shirt and you know, just enjoying myself, but there’s still those moments of magic. Now. I never had that, that before burlesque, I never had that risk. And, and now it’s just this, my, my life is.

It’s almost like being on stage the whole time. It really is just delicious. I love it. I absolutely love it. 

Lisa Grunden: Oh gosh. I love hearing that. So you have so many clients, you have clients all over the world. Tell me, do you have a typical kind of client? What do they come to you for? 

Crystal Mischief: So the typical kind of client would be a human like that.

All right. all ages gum, the common denominator is that people want to feel better about themselves. 10 years ago, I never would have imagined that I was going to be, performing on stages, in the U S I never would have imagined that I, was going to be performing for temper storm. Who’s a [00:07:00] massive burlesque legend in America.

all of these opportunities I’ve gotten and like I never, in my wildest dreams imagined that. Now that happens to my students too. They’ll say to me, Oh, crystal, I’m thinking about planning for this job, but, nah, I don’t know. And you just see them sort of hunched over and I’m like, well, hang on, wait on, you’ve lost that two millimeters what’s going on here.

And we have a conversation, we talk it through, they come back a few weeks later or they’ll phone me and say, Oh my God, guess what? I got that job. And I’m like, yeah, yeah, of course you did. Or I got that $10,000 new pay rise from, you know, changing jobs. I got the house that I wanted. I got I’m, I’m seeing it person that I wanted to see it.

And I’m like, yeah. And it just absolute conviction that it will happen for them. And because I know because it’s, you know, that’s how I made those [00:08:00] leaps in my world as well. It’s 

Lisa Grunden: funny because it sounds like I never would’ve put this together before having met you that it’s like the most intensive, most expressive embodied personal development workshop ever is what, this is what I really like is what I’m hearing is there is an invitation, right?

Between me and my body between her and her body, him and his body between all of us and our bodies. And, can you kind of walk us through like Madden or maybe your first times, or maybe the first time all your students in class, the first time, the tittering, the giggling or whatnot, that moment when things just kind of maybe sink in or.

You know what I’m asking?

Crystal Mischief: Yeah, totally, what I find amazing and, and I love so burlesque is the art of anticipation. That’s the art of tees. It’s the art of seduction. It is the art of comedy. It’s the out of satire. It, you know, it’s, it’s anything and everything, [00:09:00] but in order for that to be so potent on stage, you know, you’ve got to be at one with yourself.

And when, so people come to me thinking that they’re learning burlesque and they want to feel a little bit better, but I’m weaving through all of these healing modalities in my classes. So yeah. My classes start with breathing exercises and grounding exercises and, and, and just moving through that, because these are all of the things that I use before I go on stage, which means that my, my performance can go from just being really smooth to explosive.

And that’s, you know, that’s that real room, the reveals that you’re getting and burlesque. When I see students come in and it, it happens every single time and it. I just get so emotional about this because it is, it really is just amazing. 

And you’ll see, I’ll feel that, their, their nervousness building and the sort of the week leading up to, and you’re like, Oh my gosh.

[00:10:00] So it’s at that point that I, I start to send out the, you know, the pre-course information. They get invited into a free confidence course that I run so that I know that they’ve got the tools to begin with. And then, then I send them photos of, you know, the Academy so that they can see where we’re going to be the space that we’re going to be in.

And then I sort of start to feel that, that nervous energy sort of dissipate away and then really start to connect into this, excitement. And they come in and there there’s this little hesitancy when they first come home and it’s like, Oh, Oh, I don’t know we to look. I don’t want to place myself. I don’t know.

And you know, it just sort of, all of it, just renews and it’s about.  halfway through the breathing, that we get to a point and you just see their whole. Body, just take a breath and start to relax. And they end up with these smiles [00:11:00] on their faces. And at that point I’m like, yes, we’ve hit the jackpot.

The goes the serotonin, the dopamine. Awesome. That’s what I need. And then we really start getting into some stuff. We start out, doing some basic, some basic straps, some walking. So, you know, in burlesque, you’ve got a whole stage too. But you able to get around and you, you, you showcase off the 360 of yourself.

You may have, some, reveal behind your back, which is a piece of costumes. Did you spend a bit of time playing with your back with the audience and things like that? And they’re like, Oh, where’s she going with this? You know, we can just see your bit, what’s she doing?

But once that first layer comes off, then you know, then the reveal is there and then they’re like, ah, I’ve got it. Now. It’s there. Bill Lisc is the making the audience. Wonder what you’re up to making what? Billy Scott is the, art of making the audience. [00:12:00] Wonder what the fabulousness you were up to 

Lisa Grunden: fabulousness you are up to. I just love that. I can only imagine seeing, you know, I think of myself 15 years ago, how. Unconfident. I felt in my body and a lot of other people. And I mean, I have seen women with the most magnificent bodies who are so uncomfortable with their bodies.

And I have seen women who have weighed, who’ve taught the scales at 300 pounds. I’m not quite sure what that converts to. like 140 kilos or something, and they just completely embody the sass that the explosiveness, the sheer deliciousness of their bodies. Is that been a similar experience that, that you have been noticing?

Crystal Mischief: Absolutely. And I made the connection that it’s. Nothing to do. It’s the way that they see themselves. It’s all of the internal map of [00:13:00] the world. And when their internal map may be that the air to fat. but the reality is that the not at all, you know, and the things that they see as flaws, it’s just like, are we looking at the same body?

Like really, because I’m not seeing it. It’s just, it’s not there for me. I can’t see it. I find their internal representation really, really fascinating. And what I’ve found in the industry is that a lot of teachers will teach, particularly in the New Zealand industry they’ll teach, A specific routine when they’re doing the beginners class.

Now I don’t do I avoid doing it. Okay. That means that’s all my shine coming through in the routine. Now, the way my body is built is through my, my experiences and the things, my parents, [00:14:00] my grandparents, my great grandparents, all looms, you know, and that’s, that’s how my body built up, which is going to be different to your body.

It’s going to be different to, date of body. It’s going to be different. All of these things are going to be different. What I teach is the actual moves and then it, my students connecting in with how those moves feel, because if they don’t feel good to you, then it’s going to come across as awkward and stilted.

And you’re not going to like that. And you know, it’s not goanna feel good to you. It’s not going to be projected well on the stage either. So it’s like, ah, and so yeah, I definitely encourage the students to, you know, take the basic move and move how you would move with your injuries with the, the, you know, how your body moves its best way.

And yeah, it’s just. Just say the faces light up and get it. And it’s just like, oh my gosh, this [00:15:00] is amazing. One of my students said to me, so we had my first course, sorry. the. night, week, one of, the first course, since COVID, you know, like physically in person, because I’ve been teaching online all this time.

And, one of the students came back and said to me, I didn’t realize, she said, I feel so elevated today. I didn’t realize how much control I actually had over my moods and emotions. And I’m like, girl, you’ve got a hundred percent control over your moods and emotions. When you turn on inward and you concentrate on you and what’s happening in your body and when your body is in the world and where your mind and your heart is in the world, then you’re able to your, you become and such a solid lane for yourself that you’re not at the, you’re not a tree in the wind. All of a sudden you can, you know, you can start making really potent [00:16:00] decisions and, being the best version of yourself and it’s. Just delicious. Yeah. And I’m so looking forward to seeing you next week, because I’m like, there’s going to be some massive changes during the week for her.

Lisa Grunden:   You recognize then that how one of your humans hold themselves. the first day of class versus somewhere in the middle and at the end, there must, must be night and day difference. 

Crystal Mischief: It absolutely is.  It’s not even like they are same people. One of my students came to me and, it was afterwards that it was, it was about three months after the first course she did with me.

She sees me. Hi, crystal. I wouldn’t launch rate shopping today and I’m like, oh my gosh, this is amazing. This is phenomenal. And I got really excited and then she dropped the bombshell on me. She said, yeah, I’ve been wearing men’s underwear all this time [00:17:00] because I hated going lingerie shopping. It scared me so much.

Lisa Grunden: Oh, wow.  Wow. 

Crystal Mischief: Just like her life.

Lisa Grunden: Her husband’s life too. 

Crystal Mischief: Yeah. Your husband loves it. 

Lisa Grunden: You know, funny. I think it was Robertson Euro once said that, you know, women would judge themselves for getting naked, you know, that went, that men are just grateful. They’re not. Thinking, I’m just grateful. You’re naked. And, I just love the deliciousness in the slots.

Do you guys hear the sauciness and Crystal’s voice? I just love it. It just so comes through and that’s, that is that sauciness then that we carry it’s that confidence, that courage, that radicalness is that invitation to, like you said, your potency, the very best version of yourself and. Wow. You get to tune in and tap in and turn that [00:18:00] on all the time.

I just, I just love it. 

Crystal Mischief: And no one, like this is all for me. It’s not anyone else I’m amusing myself. Then I’m happy to share that with the world. but I, I don’t do it for the world. I do it for myself. 

Lisa Grunden: Did you guys hear that? She said that she does this for herself. I really, really want to underscore that.

I’m really crystal. I would love for you to talk about that again. Say, say that again. 

Crystal Mischief: It all comes from, and it’s like, this has been the whole thing throughout my whole career. People are like, oh yes, I know exactly what strippers do. I know what to say, but I take the clothes off. I’m like, well, at least you live in your clothes for 365 days of the year.

You take your clothes off, just drop the judgment. All right. But here’s the thing is that, Oh, can I up against these judgments? And I love these judgments. Absolutely. It helps [00:19:00] refine me as well. And it really reminds me to come back to my touch stone that this is my art. This is my self-expression. And I do this for me to bring the spackle to my heart, because if I can’t sparkle, then no one else around me can spell it.

Cool. Really? 

Lisa Grunden: I love that. 

Crystal Mischief: it’s just like, you’ve, it’s that whole thing about putting your own oxygen mask on first. And I absolutely encourage particularly mums to take them that one minute or that three minutes at some point in the day. when the, just beginning to do this, to do one thing for themselves, you know, because if they, and enjoy that one thing.

Because that’s how they kept starts to replenish. And that’s when they can really start to model that for the children as well. [00:20:00] So it’s, yeah, it’s, it’s absolutely critical. And like, if I’m not feeling the best when I go on stage it’s because I’ve neglected myself. and people don’t, people don’t come to a show to see, a, not a happy stripper.

You’re there for the fantasy. You’re there for the alternative reality of, you know, what this is all about. And I am very lucky now to have my whole life as like that, there is no day where it’s not glamorous or fun or sparkly or, or crazy. It’s just, and there’s lots of laughter in my life and it’s just, such a lot. 

Lisa Grunden: Laughter in our life. It’s just so important. And a little kids laugh like every four minutes, little kids are giggling about something. Whereas as adults, you know, if we left four times a day, 

[00:21:00] Crystal Mischief: right.

Lisa Grunden: It’s considered standard. So I love the laughter and I love the fact that you talked about.

And if someone’s judging that that doesn’t impact you and how you feel about yourself and you also don’t discount her or him, because that’s just where they are. And it is an invitation, it is an invitation through you enjoying and expressing yourself. It’s really an invitation to others to enjoy themselves.

Isn’t it? 

Crystal Mischief: Absolutely. Absolutely. And people will come up to me after, after shows and say, you’re so brave for being up there and I’m like, I didn’t see any lines with tigers up there. I’m not brave at all. In fact, I’m a street kid, spiders, I’m up there because I’m not enjoying myself. I’m not being brave.

I’m at the making my art and, you know, exploring the different paths that I want to explore [00:22:00] in the world as well. And, you know, and it’s. The whole layers of, from the costuming to the hearing, the makeup, to the nails, to the Tanes,  the backstory to the routine or the they’ll one lyric in the song that kicks the whole routine off.

And it’s just like, boom, there it is. Is that rotate? Okay. Is that what was coming through? So yeah, I just I’m. I don’t feel brave at all. I’m, I’m there having fun and that’s the difference and it’s incredible how powerful laughter is in terms of, and fun is because it’s got such a protective factor. so the neurotransmitters that are released when, when you are laughing, protect your body for 24 hours.

Afterwards, whereas race, yes. Stress will ravage your body, you know, straight away. So you’ve got [00:23:00] that. The more we can laugh as adults, then the better off we are and sunscreen or the beast anti-aging and the beast eating aging, I tell people buy sunscreen and in the lab. 

Lisa Grunden: Bye sunscreen and laugh. You guys heard it here.

I love the fact that you talked about people come up to you and go, Oh, you’re so brave. And what that really, from what you told me in the beginning, and indeed what we titled when titled the show. It’s that potency, that powerful potency that other people consider brave because perhaps that’s the word for them.

I love how you just give yourself permission. 

And it’s more than permission as that. Totally acceptance that, Hey, I am pretty fabulous, babe. And I am here to sign and to enjoy myself 

Crystal Mischief: , I wasn’t always like this stressed

Lisa Grunden: Tell us about that. 

Crystal Mischief: I went to my high school reunion and it was our a hundred [00:24:00] year anniversary.

Lisa Grunden: 100 years?

Crystal Mischief: Yeah. But, so I went there and it was funny because it was a very, as a very, very small. So there was, girls who weren’t in my peer group, but I still knew them because there was lots of interaction through the different years.

And it was just like, I didn’t realize it until like, when we hit the reunion, it was just like seeing family again, it was, it was delicious. But, one of the, one of my peer group whose sister was like, I still can’t believe this is you, Crystal. You went like this at school, you must to touch a mouse.

Like, you look fabulous. You look amazing. She just keeps saying this to me the whole day. And I was like, yeah, I was just sitting back and watching and trying to get my bearings on those. What are we doing this life thing? 

Lisa Grunden: Gosh, that’s just so fabulous. 

That is so [00:25:00] delicious. Fabulous. 

Crystal Mischief: Polar opposites, but I mean, that person was always, always with me, always wanted to get out, but because I wasn’t sure about myself, I was so busy being their tree and being at the effect of the wind.

I was too scared to litter out. and burlesque helped me reconnect with her and, and understand that that’s what the world wants to say. Yeah. You know the world, doesn’t the world doesn’t want to say the scared, mousy version of me. Right. And yeah, no. 

Lisa Grunden: It does a huge service to not only yourself, to everyone to let your trueness out.

Cause really that’s what it was that potency it’s just like you said, it was always there. And for all of your clients and all of the women, all of the humans out there, it’s always there. There’s just been all these stories that we’ve been indoctrinated with and programming that we’ve received and [00:26:00] you name it it’s happened and underneath it all, there’s this.

I would, I really love cause the one that you didn’t say, these specific words, however, it’s been filtered all through it is there was never any wrongness of you. There was never any wrongness of anybody who’s ever in the audience, anybody who ever judges, you there’s never any wrongness of any of that.

It’s just stripping off those layers of those false beliefs and unleashing that true power unleashing that invitation. That is, you. 

Crystal Mischief: Yeah. Definitely. And I think the other side of that is that when I was too scared to go through those onion layers, it, I had a lot of problems and, and relationships and things like that.

So, you know, I wasn’t communicating because I was too scared to be my authentic self and actually have those authentic conversations. With myself, but also with others. Whereas now, you know, I’m like, eh, I’m going to say this anyway.

And it’s really cutting through my own, [00:27:00] my own, smoke and mirrors and being embracing honest with myself. and, and because if I’m not honest with myself, I can’t be honest with others and people feel that. Yes, and I, and, and, and it rubs them the wrong way. 

Lisa Grunden: Yeah, it does. I understand why the communication is going that way.

They’ll come up, perhaps with their own definition of that, that we can be not in authenticity. 

Crystal Mischief: Yeah. And then that will be based on their own stories as well. And then you’ve got this whole set of like, it’s like, hang on. Wait, where did all of that come from? Because I, you know, I haven’t seen the backstory to that story.

Right. And I’m like, huh, okay. Oh, right. Okay. Well, I can see why he got that information then. But I’m just coming back to the point that you made about the stories that you tell, you know, we tell each other when I went from my now, I don’t know how this translates and [00:28:00] primary school in the U S but, so when I went from my primary school to my secondary school, so, yeah, middle school.

So when I was 11, I needed two years remedial math. To catch up to the rest of my peer group. Now, so the story I, you told me and the story that, the others, you know, sort of reinforced and stuff as well, and I’m fairly sure that the teachers used it and euphemisms, but it was the whole thing that, you know, I needed that extra support.

So therefore, I was dumb. And I look at, I love that story. I really did. I lived this story big time. Well, before, the full Creation Academy and the full bill is, you know, I’ve gone through and done my undergraduate degree and things in done some studies since then as well, but, before Creation Academy and, during COVID I studied, neuro linguistic programming in LP.

[00:29:00] It was the whole identification of whose story is this really? I went on to, I decided a few weeks back that, I was going to go back and study neuroscience. My whole family is sitting there going ha-ha. You studying why?

And I’m like, I love it. It’s great fun. And they’re like, yeah. Oh, is that what you call fun?

And I’m like, yeah. And the story of me being dumb, wasn’t even my story. 

Lisa Grunden: You know, that’s and I bet that’s true for 100% of the people that have ever heard that about themselves dumb or stupid or not smart or whatever, you know, too fat, too skinny, too, whatever, whatever that story is that you’ve been doubled.

Crystal Mischief: Yeah. Yeah. So totally true. And I was able to drop it so quickly, so quickly. What I all through these, through my [00:30:00] studies though, as well, What I’m now understanding as the mechanics behind dumb people. It’s not dumb people it’s that their body is in stress, the reminders and stress. What’s happening in the body is the body is pulling those resources to your heart, to your lungs, to your big muscles so that you can run away from that bureau or that tiger.

All of a sudden, your cognitive ability, has no. Has no battery power behind it. You go from being able to take all of this information and to just being able to see this, because you’ve got to be focused on getting to that trade climb habits. Exactly. Life and death, right? Yeah. So that’s what’s happening.

Within seven minutes of you perceiving a threat, you’ve lost 50% of your IQ. Oh, wow. So there’s no dumb people. There’re people who are in the world who are stressed on stressed on compound, [00:31:00] stressed on compound stress and compound stress who are making decisions based on like this tiny little sliver that they can say because their body is so industrious.

And it’s just, they’re just making non-quality decisions. That’s all that all. 

Lisa Grunden: Oh, crystal. 

I would love to continue this conversation. Finish, finish your thought. 

Crystal Mischief: Okay. then if we, if we get them, you know, if the, if we kick off the parasympathetic nervous system and all of a sudden, the brilliant stuff coming through as well, 

Lisa Grunden: could you just remind our listeners what the para sympathetic nervous system is?

Crystal Mischief: So that’s the risk digest and procreate look at all of the couples that are having procreation difficult. So yeah, the more that you can stimulate get your heart and your, your breath rate and the same waves. One way you can do that is by putting on lip gloss [00:32:00] because you rub your lips and I can’t, cause I’ve got to stay that lip stain on.

But, as you rub your lips, those cells and your lips are actually start triggering your parasympathetic nervous system. 

Lisa Grunden: Wow. I did not know that. 

Crystal Mischief: If you’re stressed, put some lip gloss on, 

Lisa Grunden: this is one of my favorite things to do. 

Crystal Mischief: Breathing your meditation, your walks and nature exercise. All of those key things and your IQ will start to go. And it’s magic and it doesn’t take it. Doesn’t take long. It really, you can, it can be really, really quick within a matter of minutes. I just battery power. 

Lisa Grunden: So, crystal, I could talk to you forever if, some of our audience wanted to get in touch with you, what is the best way for them to do that?

Crystal Mischief: They can, find me on Facebook and their sparkle from us Academy of burlesque. You’ll see the [00:33:00] way you’ll see the, we branding up there. or they can go onto my website, which is, it’s There it’s S for Sierra, if for Freddy. A for alpha and B for dot emceed. And you’ll see, see some of the things I do there as well and, or find me on Facebook.

Lisa Grunden: Fabulous. This has just been just such a great conversation. I like to finish with one question, which is, if you could give just one piece of advice, what would it be? 

Crystal Mischief: It would be to find those moments it’s in the day where you can make sure your parasympathetic nervous system is as engaged as awake as that you’re actually in your body, because that is just so transformational in your life.

You know, you’re able to take in more information, you’re able to make higher quality decisions. and you’re able to connect [00:34:00] in with yourself as well. Right. And that is one of the most potent practices. It’s yeah. 

Lisa Grunden: Yes. Burlesque and invitation to your potency. We’ve been talking with the fabulous crystal mischief.

This is Lisa. So until next time sparkle on, we’ll see you again soon. Bye-bye so if you’d like more information on what we’re up to. To go to That’s your second act with You’ll find out what’s going on and you’ll get a special gift from me. See you next time.


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